Spring Refresh

Goodbye, winter. Hello, spring! The season of rebirth is a perfect time to invigorate your home with some seasonal looks. Here are three easy ways to refresh your style this spring.


A great way to bring life into your home is to literally bring life into your home. Potted succulents on the bookshelf, whimsical indoor vines in the living room, and terrariums on the side tables will all do the trick.

Bringing the outdoors indoors will help kick the winter blues to the curb by embracing those beautiful vernal greens.


Heavy materials and deep colors are lovely in the midst of winter, but winter is ending. So store the hefty drapes and thick blankets away for now, and bring on the spring!

Embrace light colors and playful patterns on your linens and drapery, and your whole house will lighten up. Continue with similar palettes and textures throughout your home, and soon you’ll forget that just last month you were shoveling snow.


Clean your windows. Put in your screens. And start enjoying that beautiful vitamin D. As the weather starts to get better, you’re going to want to make sure that natural light sources aren’t blocked or dirty.

If you really want to make the most of the fair weather think about altering furniture layouts to reflect the changing light, or allow you and your family to easily get outside. Plus, a little rearranging always leaves your home feeling new and refreshed.

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