Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

We build homes. We know tools. Here’s a rundown on the tools every homeowner should have.


These are the real bread and butter of any toolkit.

Hammers for hammering. Screwdrivers for driving screws. Utility knives for… utility knifing? Add in the pliers, the wrenches, the level, and the measuring tape, and your workbench will be operational faster than Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor can grunt.

And what good is a hammer without a nail, or a screwdriver without a screw? Remember to keep a variety of hardware on hand in case you need to do some fixin’ in a pinch.

Want to turn it up a notch? Here are some slightly less essential tools to keep at home.

?Power tools aren’t a necessity, but we love our cordless drill more than we love our family sometimes (just kidding, mom), and we’d be remiss not to give it a proper shout out.

And if you’re wanting to cut things, as some people do, a circular saw is preferable, but a hacksaw will go a long way for under $20.


Now these aren’t tools, per se, but they’re just as important, and deserve a loving home on your workbench.

Gloves and protective glasses might be the most important of this category, as you shouldn’t be using a lot of the aforementioned tools without them.

?You also need to think about things like extension cords, step ladders, and everything else you need to get a DIY project done safely and correctly.

And, of course, duct tape and WD40.

Looking for a beautiful home with plenty of space for all your new tools? Look here.