Master Bathroom: Design Details

It’s one of the first rooms you see in the morning, and one of the last rooms you see at night. So why not make it look good?

You’ve already read our ideas about fixtures.

So we’re gonna shed some light on something new: lighting.

The bathroom is a tricky place to light correctly. Task lighting is key, with focuses on the vanity and the tub or shower. Recessed or ceiling-mounted lighting overhead for general illumination works great, just be sure that it’s symmetrical. And to avoid unforgiving, top-down light, use frosted or opaque bulbs to help diffuse light and lessen harsh shadows.
Strip lighting is a great way to illuminate entire walls. Place strip lighting under wall-mounted cabinets for a floating look.
Great lighting will not only make grooming easier, but can also really expand the whole room. And what if your bathroom is still feeling small even with great lighting?
There are some other great ways to make your master bathroom feel so much bigger. Replace traditional doors with sliding doors to make the most of every little space. Also lean toward light colors to really open up the room. And we know we’ve already talked tile, but larger tile sizes will help expand the area.

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