Building a Pet Friendly Home

Pet owners understand that your furry little friends are part of the family, and your family deserves a home they love. Believe me, I know; my other half and I have two dogs of our own. Here are some common homebuilding questions we get from pet owners.

Can I fence in my yard?

Well, it all depends on where you live. Most neighborhoods set rules for fencing in your lot which dictate everything from materials, to color, to height,for example, allow four foot fences, so unless your dog is “Air Bud”, you’ll be fine. If you’re not in a Bielinski Neighborhood, make sure to check in with your homeowners’ association to get the specifics.

Hardwood floors or carpet?

Trick question, it’s neither. Hardwood looks great, but larger pets could scratch your beautiful floors. And there’s nothing better than a nice carpet, but keeping it clean and fur-free is an arduous task. The real answer is luxury vinyl plank, or LVP. It’s highly durable, easily cleaned, and almost indistinguishable from hardwood floors. LVP is a lifesaver for those who love their pets, but don’t love constant maintenance and tough cleaning.

How else can I make my house pet-friendly?

There are tons of ways to make your home pet friendly. In our home, we’ve installed a large farm sink in the laundry room, making bath time easier than ever, especially in winter when you can’t do it outside. Having a pet bathing station in the laundry room is also a great way to stop a dirty dog from making a mess in the human bathroom. We have also worked with a designer focused on pet-friendly fabrics and materials so we never have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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