4 New Home Interior Color Trends

As we enter a new year let’s take a look at some new trends. Get inspired by these 2019 looks.


Start the year with a clean slate by embracing true white. Cabinets, woodwork, counters, backsplashes. Don’t be afraid. White is clean, bright, and youthful, and will be a refreshing look as we enter a new year.


Want to go bold without going bright? Navy blue cabinets are what you’re looking for. Navy blue is far from a traditional choice when it comes to cabinetry, but will still elegantly bring out the best in conventional kitchen colors, especially browns.


Get back to nature in 2019. Natural-toned flooring is light, airy, and can make a home feel much more open. Natural color doesn’t necessarily mean hardwood. If you want to capture that organic feeling with the benefit of easy maintenance, look to luxury vinyl plank flooring.


It’s all about pushing the envelope this year. After a crazy, chaotic 2018, folks are ready to play around a bit. Brighter colors, bolder choices, and unorthodox pieces, not just accent walls. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy this year.

If you want to start 2019 off in a stylish new home, contact a Bielinski expert today.