How to Bring the Spring Season Inside

It’s finally feeling like spring. Do you ever wish you could take those good vibes and bring them inside? Well, here’s how you can.

One great way to bring the natural levity of spring into your home is through color and patterns. Pairing earthy wall tones, like Terrarium Moss (#18-0416) from Pantone’s 2019 spring collection, with splashes of brightly colored accessories will make your whole home feel like it’s in bloom. Add in some natural wood surfaces, floral pattern pillows, and white linens to really make your home feel bright and alive. 


Adding some fresh vegetation is one of the easiest ways to embrace the season. A vase of tulips on the kitchen table, hanging botanicals, and succulents on your shelves are all simple ways to breathe some life into your style. 


It isn’t only about design, sometimes all you need to make your home feel springy is a little seasonal attitude adjustment. Spend time outdoors, open the curtains, fire up the grill, plant flowers in the garden, hang out on the patio. We just made it through a loooong winter, let’s celebrate a bit.Check out more of my design tips here, and read about the Bielinski Design Studio here.