My Bielinski Home Building Experience, PT. 5

Last year, I built a new Bielinski home! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, you all got to follow along. In this five-part series, I shared what that process looks like. In this last installment of my home building experience, we’re looking at the warranty process.


Yes, even the CEO of the company goes through the warranty process, because I know that minor imperfections due to the home settling can and will occur. That’s what the warranty process is for – covering any unforeseeable, uncontrollable imperfections. Remember, a warranty doesn’t mean that the home was built improperly, it just means we live in reality. Warranty issues aren’t uncommon, but what’s important is that your builder makes sure those issues are corrected. When I was building my new home, the finish carpenter accidentally put a screw straight through my bathroom door while hanging a rack. Obviously the door had to be replaced. When my construction manager received the replacement door from the manufacturer, they found an imperfection. When they received the second replacement door, they found an imperfection. When they received the third replacement door, they found an imperfection. It took four replacement doors and a few months to finally get a replacement. As frustrating as it was, my construction manager took care of it all, and wouldn’t settle for less than perfect from the manufacturer. 


Your new home is an investment, and protecting that investment starts with the warranty process. Our one-year warranty is the perfect way to start. This warranty covers minor imperfections caused by your home settling and any unforeseen defects after construction is completed. Our trade partners will evaluate and remedy these issues. And to protect your home further into the future Bielinski also has a ten-year structural warranty which covers any defined structural elements that exceed predetermined tolerances. And on top of all of that protection, all new Bielinski homes receive product warranties from the manufacturers. 


The process has always been easy, but recently, we’ve made it even easier. We’ve added additional staff to help you and communicate with our trade partners quickly and efficiently. We have also added a service technician who helps complete simple repairs to save you time when dealing with the smaller issues. We implemented some check-ins to keep everything on track. Our COO, Steve Bielinski, has weekly meetings with customer care representatives and technicians to review work orders, go over repair timelines, and collaborate on the warranty process. I’d like to thank everyone for following along during my homebuilding process. We’re so excited about our new place, and we’re glad we could share the experience with all of you. If you missed the first four parts, check them out here: part one, part two, part three, part four. Are you looking to build your next home? Contact a Bielinski New Home Consultant to learn about the whole building process, from selecting a floor plan to the warranty process.