Change is Good

Bielinski Homes has been building homes in Wisconsin for a long time. One of the reasons our business has been so successful for so long is our ability to adapt and evolve to stand out in an ever-changing industry.We know we deliver a great product at fantastic value, but we want our customers to enjoy the process along the way, so here are some recent changes we’ve made to ensure that happens. 


Communication is key when building a home. I recently built a new home and realized just how many gaps there were in our communication. As a result, mistakes were made and delays occurred. I didn’t want a single customer to have the same experience that I did. That’s why we’ve set up a series of mandatory communication points to keep you fully informed during every step of the building process.

There are now a minimum of nine points of required communication in the pre-construction process, weekly communications throughout the approval and permitting process, weekly communications throughout the construction process, and internal status meetings to discuss each and every home we build in addition to ways we can improve the customer experience.


It’s a digital world, and in a digital world, understanding and taking advantage of new technologies is one of the most important things we can do to improve the building process for you.

So we’ve installed a brand-new online system for our construction managers to communicate and schedule trades in real-time. We’ve moved forward with an electronic signature system that makes approvals easy and streamlined. We’ve also implemented model home virtual walk-throughs and other ways for you to tour homes and test out design options, all online.


If our staff is spread too thin, mistakes are more likely to occur. By adding personnel to different stages of the building process, customers can get better-individualized attention and oversights can be minimalized.

We’ve added new staff to our pre-construction team, added new construction managers, assigned a personal assistant to each construction manager, and expanded our warranty crew, including an increased number of customer care representatives and a new service technician.

And we’re not stopping here. Change is good for our customers, and that means it’s good for Bielinski. As long as we’re building homes, expect more process improvements, more adapting and evolving, and more focus on your needs as a customer.

To learn more about the building process, speak with a Bielinski expert today.