All About Windows

When you’re thinking about building a new home you imagine the counters, the cabinets, the flooring, but do you think about the windows? Windows aren’t the most glamorous part of a home, but they’re definitely one of the most important. They keep the elements out and let the light in. Here’s how you know your windows are right for your home. 


The first decision you’ll have to make is what type of window frame you want. Wood window frames can look elegant, but that pretty wood can cost you a pretty penny. Wood frames also require regular upkeep with stains or paints. Your other option is vinyl. Vinyl window frames are far less expensive. They’re also durable and require almost no maintenance. 


The second decision is about the actual glass pane of the window. You have a handful of choices here. Double pane glass is one of the more common varieties of window you’ll see. Double pane glass has two layers of glass with a pocket of air in between them. The air reduces heat transfer to keep your inside temperature under control. Low-E is another version of window glass. Low-E panes are usually also double-paned but have microscopically thin layers of metallic oxide to even further prevent radiant heat transfer through the window. The metallic coating is completely transparent, and won’t affect the amount of light allowed through your window. There is a third version of the double-pane window where argon gas is injected into the air pocket between two layers of glass. Argon gas helps to block out harmful UV rays from the sun, thereby minimizing fading on your furniture, paint, and floors. 


So what kind of windows do we use? Glad you asked. Bielinski homes include Alliance® windows and patio doors with low maintenance vinyl frames since January 2019, and all the glass we use comes double-paned, Low-E coated, and argon gas filled. These windows are durable, long-lasting, and give your home some of the best protection from temperature and sunlight. Over the years we’ve also found Alliance windows and patio doors to have the fewest quality defects and warranty issues. So now you can pick out your countertops in peace knowing that we’ve already picked out the best windows and patio doors you can ask for.