Digital Design Studio

At the Bielinski Design Studio, you can come meet design experts (like me!) and see product and design choices for your new home in person. Now we’re taking it online. Introducing the Digital Design Studio, where customers are able to view different product selections online. “How is this a game-changer?” you might ask. Here’s how.


The biggest positive for you is the ability to familiarize yourself with your design choices long before you need to make any decisions. Whether it’s included or an upgrade, you can play around with all of your options before coming into the Design Studio. This gives you more direction and purpose once you do sit down with a design expert.

It also allows you to take as long as you want perusing your choices. Some customers need more time than others, and some customers need even more time than that. The Digital Design Studio lets you design on your own timeline. You can sit down, check out your options, close the laptop, watch a movie, revisit your options, eat a pizza, change your mind, so on and so forth.

The Design Studio can help you stay within your budget, too. Allowing yourself the ability to prioritize your wants when it comes to upgrades and pricing. Seeing all of your choices in front of you online can really help you decide where you want to spend your money.


The Digital Design Studio isn’t just great for you, it’s great for us. This new tool allows us to be more efficient in how we help you during the design phase.

The more access you have allows designers like me to get a more accurate vision of what you want your home to look like and help you make the right decisions. When the customer comes to their first design meeting with even just a couple pieces they like in mind we have a better foundation for choosing everything else.

It also allows us to keep the process moving along and get you and your new home into pre-construction at a steady clip, which keeps us on track to get your home finished in a timely manner.

If you’re ready to get into a new home, playing around with the Digital Design Studio is a fun place to start. Check out any of our floor plans here and click “Design Your New Home.”