Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy New Year everyone.  First of all, we’d like to thank all of our staff, customers, and partners that made last year so successful. 2019 was a year of positive change and your support had a lot to do with it. We appreciate all of you and we’re excited to move into a new decade together. As we move into 2020, I wanted to take a moment to talk about all the great things that happened in 2019 and also look towards the future of Bielinski Homes.  


One of our big themes of 2019 was communication. Many of the breakdowns in the building process are due to a breakdown in communication. So in 2019, we did our best to change that. We created more mandatory contact points throughout pre-construction and construction to keep customers informed of everything going on with their new home. We also embraced electronic signatures, allowing us to quickly and easily share documents with the customer. But it wasn’t just communication with our customers that we improved. In order to further streamline internal communication, we implemented an online scheduling system to replace an outdated paper ticket system. 


We brought technology into the building process in other ways, too. Our Digital Design Studio lets our customers browse design options, make selections, and review pricing all without having to leave their couch. This not only gives our customers a lot more flexibility but having online access to the Digital Design Studio makes appointments with our experts in the Bielinski Design Studio that much more fruitful. 


2019 wasn’t all about building homes, it was also about building up our community. That’s why we created Build It Forward, a Bielinski initiative to give back to those in need. Build It Forward focuses on helping local organizations battle poverty and homelessness in Southeastern Wisconsin. The first Build It Forward event was our 2019 sock drive which brought in 2,300 pairs of socks for Hope Center in Waukesha. 


There were also some bittersweet changes in the Bielinski Homes leadership. At the end of last year, Harry Bielinski, my uncle, retired after over 60 years of hard work building in Wisconsin and turning Bielinski Homes into the company it is today. If anyone deserves a relaxing retirement, it’s him. Frank Bielinski, my father, will remain as an owner, and I’m proud to announce that I have also bought in as an owner! It’s exciting to take up the mantle as we move into the future. 


A lot happened last year, and we’re excited to keep that momentum rolling into 2020. We’re going to continue embracing new technologies and integrating them into the building process. We will be launching a Room Visualizer to allow customers to see what design and product selections look like in a virtual space. We’re also always improving our website with more information and useful tools. This year, we’re going to use technology to begin our move towards being paperless. This is a multi-year process, but eventually, we can eliminate paper-based file storage and transactions entirely.  We already offer many smart tech options but will offer many more in the coming year. Home technology options like smart doorbells, smart thermostats, and smart lighting are going to be incorporated into new Bielinski plans. 


Speaking of new plans, we’re going to continue launching new plans in the Harmony Series of homes. The Harmony Series is an update of the Artisan Series and offers our customers more features and modern options. One thing we’re focusing on with our new plans is controlling prices. We’ve recently seen prices rising due to development costs for new lots and product and labor cost increases. Slight changes in upcoming plans and homesite design will allow us to control future prices. 2020 will also bring the development of new neighborhoods and additions to existing neighborhoods. Stay tuned throughout the year for more information. 


And finally, we’re going to continue giving back through our Build It Forward program. We’re looking to hold at least four charitable events throughout 2020, so follow us on social media if you want to learn more! We’re really excited about all the improvements we made last year, and are looking forward to making even more in 2020, and we’re excited for you all to follow along as we do.