Design Trends (PT. 2) Interiors

Home design trends can come and go. We’re here to help you decide what’s a flash in the pan and what’s here to stay. Last month we talked about trends in exterior home design. This month we’re going to talk about trends in interior home design.


It might not be surprising to hear that interior trends and exterior trends tend to go hand in hand. So, much like the exterior styles we talked about last month, a lot of traditional interior styles are evolving with modern and bold trends. Just like on the exterior, The Modern Farmhouse style has begun to take on a modern, sophisticated look where we see a lot of new décor mixed with antiques and classic prints. Similarly, The Modern Prairie style is a timeless choice inside and outside, but you can evolve it to a degree by bringing in more contemporary elements. And bold color is just as on trend for your interior design as it is on your front doors and siding. Creating a cohesive feeling for your entire home is an important goal when you’re designing. That’s why you’ll see these parallel trends on the interior and exterior of the home. 


Modernizing an existing style isn’t the only way to be on trend. You can also create your OWN look by combining styles to reflect your personality and tell your story. The Modern Farmhouse and Modern Prairie styles we’ve already mentioned are great places to start. From there all you need to do is identify looks that speak to your taste and your personality. Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern are timeless, unique looks that you can bring in to create an eclectic style. Boho-Chic is a great way to incorporate handmade goods, sustainable products, and a connection to nature. Visiting antique shops, craft fairs, and local artists and businesses are fun ways to find furniture, décor, and inspiration on your journey to creating a look that’s totally you. At the end of the day your home should represent your life, so don’t be afraid to break the rules and color outside the lines when it comes to design. 


Here at the Bielinski Design Studio, we also offer a ton of great products that will help you use your newfound knowledge of these fashionable trends to create a stylish and timeless look for your home. With the help of a design expert like myself, or some of our online tools, you can mix and match to find the right combinations of products in the right styles that suit you and your life. Right now, geometric patterns are IN when it comes to tile, so try out a herringbone look. Or maybe you want to play with cabinet stains. Our dark Dusk or Java cabinets mixed with lighter finishes can create a great pop of character. And it’s always a good time to experiment with floor and counter pairings. Natural floor colors with quartz counters can give you a great earthy look.The stained island cabinet adds depth to this bright kitchen. You can see trends like these without leaving your couch by using our Digital Design Studio and Room Visualizer Tool. And when you’re ready to really start designing your own style of home, you can contact us here.