How to Create the Perfect Work From Home Space

Now more than ever, people are invested in a comfortable place where they can work from home, whether it’s a desk in the spare bedroom, a converted dining room, or a dedicated home office. Here are some of the ways a Bielinski Homes floor plan makes working from home easier. 


A home office used to be a place to file your taxes, pay the bills, or do homework (at any age). Now, with the rise of communication technology, the home office also doubles as a place where you can perform the duties of your career without interruption. Tech has given access for more and more people to work from home. Email, instant messaging, virtual meetings, and other software allows entire jobs to be done efficiently off-site, with little change. Bielinski has been offering home office options in our homemade floor plans for years, but nowadays they have become increasingly important to the modern home owner. 


If you don’t have a dedicated home office in your home, don’t fret. An unused bedroom, dining room, or any room can be easily converted to a workspace. Changing furniture isn’t necessary, but adding a desk and storage systems can really help your productivity. If you really want to spruce it up, add seating chairs for guests or lounge chairs for reading. Alternatively, a home office can double as a guest room by adding a sleeper sofa or a murphy bed. What we’re saying is, you’ve got options. And remember that the most important part of a home office is allowing you to get your work done and that comes from being comfortable in your space. So ask yourself what you need to focus, but also what you need to relax. 


A home office isn’t the only space that will help you work from home. Many Bielinski floor plans offer technology centers which include a built-in desk and storage area. It’s a centralized area for your home computer and your cable and phone connections. These technology centers act as communal work spaces for the whole family, allowing you to multi-task. Maybe you have to keep an eye on the kids while sending a few emails. Maybe you have to fold the laundry while going over a recent project. Or maybe, like me, you’re writing a blog about home offices while cooking dinner. The technology center in my home is located in the kitchen. Along with the cable and phone outlets, we installed a number of traditional and USB outlets to create a charging station for our tablets, phones, and battery packs. I use the technology center frequently because it allows me to connect with my family while working from home or even just clicking around the web.  If you’re looking for a homemade floor plan that fits your work life and your home life, contact a New Home Consultant here.