Making the Most of Your Home Storage

If your home isn’t built with proper storage in mind, every day can bring a new headache. That’s why, when we draw up our Bielinski-designed floor plans, storage is more than just an afterthought. Here’s how we incorporate the storage your life needs throughout our homes.


The first thing that every Bielinski kitchen offers is ample cabinetry, but with all of your food staples, cooking utensils, and culinary gadgets, cabinets aren’t always enough. So we try to include a walk-in pantry in every kitchen we build. And if there isn’t space for a full walk-in, we install a pantry cabinet that is much deeper and taller than a standard wall cabinet to provide you with a larger storage space that’s still easily accessible. 


Having the space is one thing, making the most of the space is another. Take our master bedroom walk-in closets, for instance. The space alone is great for storage, but it’s the thoughtful design that really makes it work for you. We provide double pole hanging to fit more clothes, single pole hanging for longer items, and shelving for folded and stacked items. You’ll have a place for everything. We also offer great storage upgrades for your closets. When building my home, I made the decision to upgrade all of our closets to California Closets®. We customized them to meet our personal needs depending on the room, adding things like drawers and even filing systems. Believe me, it was the right decision. 


Just like the kitchen, we know that cabinetry alone doesn’t always cut it in the bathroom. So we like to do our best to include linen closets or linen cabinets in every full bathroom in your home. It’s not just for linens, but for personal care items and cleaning supplies. If the bathroom doesn’t have room for a closet, we can also put one in a nearby hallway. 


The garage is a great place to store bulkier items or things you only use seasonally. Most Bielinski floor plans come with an oversized two-car garage standard which already offers plenty of storage. But if that’s not enough you can upgrade to a two-and-a-half or three-car garage. Some of our plans even come with a three-car garage standard. If your home storage isn’t doing the job, maybe it’s time for a change. Contact us today to learn more.