How We Designed Our Flagship Model Home

As design trends evolve and family lifestyles change, we look forward to showing you cutting-edge home designs. Our flagship model home in Franklin exemplifies how Bielinski homes are built with our customers in mind while staying on-trend with design. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we went about planning our latest model home.


If you want to create a high-caliber home, you can’t go in blind. Before we start planning the design for a flagship model home, we have to do a lot of comprehensive research. It starts with always keeping your eyes on what’s going on in home design around the country and globally. We’re constantly on the hunt for the latest trends to push our designs. It’s not just about keeping our eyes open, but keeping our ears open as well. It’s about listening to what’s going on in the world and reading between the lines to decipher changing attitudes. Then we’re able to provide the solutions that folks need today, as well as address the needs of tomorrow. 


So after a lot of listening, we decided to design a fresh, innovative home for a world where working from home and social distancing has become the new normal. To accomplish this, we would have to re-examine how we interact with different spaces in our homes, and create new areas for new issues that we are now facing in our daily lives. 


We based this new concept of home on one of our most popular home designs, modernizing it with conveniences that the socially distanced family needs today. We created more built-in dining spaces in the kitchen with an oversized 4foot by 8foot island, now that almost every meal is cooked and eaten at home. We included a work space in the kitchen for adults and kids alike that are working and schooling from home. We completely revamped the mudroom with extra room for all the packages that are arriving on your doorstep, as well as built-in storage to hold jackets, shoes, and leashes for your daily walks. We even updated the home with dual sliding glass doors to lead you into a covered outdoor living area for when you need to get out of the house without being able to really get out of the house. All of these updates truly make this home something new, and we wanted to extend that feeling to the interior design as well. The selections we made are innovative, elegant, and on-trend. Rich, dark tones paired with natural elements and bright accents create a warm, sophisticated take on a contemporary style with touches of Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco. From beginning to end, this home is fully conceptualized for modern life. To learn more about how you can visit this model home, click here.