12,000 Homes Built: More Than a Number

Last year we celebrated our 60th anniversary, and this year we’re celebrating a new milestone: 12,000 homes built. That’s the most homes built by a single builder under the same ownership in the state. And it’s something we’re very proud of. Here’s how it happened and what it means to us.


You don’t build 12,000 homes overnight. In fact, it took our family 60 years. Home building is in our DNA. My great-grandfather, the elder Frank Bielinski, and his son (my grandfather), Harry Bielinski Sr. were home builders. Their knowledge of the trade was passed on to Harry Sr.’s sons, Frank Bielinski and Harry Bielinski Jr., the founders of Bielinski Homes. And now, Frank and Harry Jr. have passed that knowledge down to the next generation of Bielinskis, including our Chief Operating Officer Steve Bielinski and myself.

But it wasn’t just our family’s passion for home building that got us here. It was our ability to adapt. Think about how much the world has changed in 60 years. We’ve had to evolve with new lifestyles, new technologies, changing economies, and everything in between. This combination of family tradition and contemporary change is what has allowed us to build so many homes.


It’s more than just a number. It’s a testament to the standard of home we build, and the trust our customers put in us every day to create something so important to them and their lives. It means that we provide good value to our clients. A quality product at a fair price.

12,000 shows that we have the experience and know-how to get it done, and get it done correctly. It’s proof that we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all.


But really what building 12,000 homes means is that we’ve improved the lives of 12,000 families. We’ve created a new and special environment for them to raise kids, celebrate holidays, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

I recently changed dentists, and when I went to the new office I can’t even remember how many staff members came up to me asking if I was a part of Bielinski Homes. They all shared stories about their own Bielinski home and their building experience. That’s what 12,000 homes means to us. That we’ve made a positive impact on our friends, our neighbors, and our community.

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