How To Do Colored Cabinets Right

It’s no secret that colored cabinets are very much in. If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you’ll know that we’re very much on board. (And if you haven’t read any of our previous blogs, what are you waiting for?) Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of this trend.


Can’t make up your mind on a single color? Another great play on the colored cabinet trend is the two-tone style. Our 2020 flagship home is a great example of this look in action.

But be careful. If you want to two-tone, make sure those two tones work together. Sticking to similar colors is a great idea, but if those colors are too similar, the look is lost. Make sure you choose distinct enough colors to really make your cabinets stand out.


Worried about being too bold? Maybe colored cabinets in the kitchen aren’t right for you. But what about the bathroom? The bathroom is much smaller and removed from other parts of the home, making it the perfect place to try out a unique style.

It’s a lot easier to be daring with a powder room, a kid’s bathroom, or your own master bath. Plus, when it’s time to update again down the road, it’s a lot easier to change, too.


Colored cabinets can be a striking look, so make sure that they’re the real star of your design. For instance, if you’re going with colored cabinets, tone down the backsplash and counters. Remember, it’s about compliment, not competition.

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