The Power of Powder Rooms

The powder room has gotten the short end of the stick for too long. Often overlooked, forgotten, or even hidden. Well, I say no more. Powder rooms are having a moment, here’s why.


Functionally, powder rooms are great if you’re having guests over. It’s a simple and discreet place to step away and freshen up before dinner or during halftime of the game. Plus, when you’re preparing to host, you have a much smaller area to worry about cleaning compared to a master bath.

Make sure your guests have a clean, comfortable, and accessible place to refresh with a powder room.


But the powder room isn’t just for the guests. It can also make your life a lot more convenient. Many of our powder rooms are placed near the back entryway or the garage entrance. 

If you’re working out in the yard or in the garage it’s an easy place to wash your hands or take a break without having to trudge through the whole home. Plus, their compact size means you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of square footage for this convenience.


But the real reason why powder rooms have been on the up and up is that folks have realized it’s a great space to have some fun with design. Traditionally, people have treated the powder room as just another extension of the main living area, and not one that they’d like to call much attention to. But not anymore.

Powder rooms have become statement rooms, places where you can experiment with bold materials, patterns, and colors. In our previous blog on colored cabinets, we discuss how a bathroom is a low-risk place for dramatic looks. And it’s not just colored cabinets. We’re seeing a lot of funky wallpapers and intriguing backsplashes being used in powder rooms to bring some drama to your design. 


Want to have some design fun? Try out our online Room Visualizer tool and see what styles you can come up with.