Wall construction

A Well-Built Wall

You might think that all walls are built the same, but here at Bielinski Homes, we build it better. Here’s how we go above and beyond to create a sturdier, better-insulated home for you and your family.


It all starts with the framing. Our wall systems are built differently. Building code requires a 2’x4’ exterior wall system.  Every single Bielinski home and condo are built using a stronger 2’x6’ system while maintaining studs at 16” on center. 

Now, this might just seem like random numbers to you, so let me tell you what that means practically. Next big windstorm? Less creaking. Teenager slams a door? Less wobbling. 


Sturdiness isn’t the only thing that a 2’x6’ system brings to the table. The deeper 5.5” wall cavity allows us to use denser and more protective R-21 batt insulation, compared to the standard R-19 batt insulation. A shallower wall cavity and lower-rated insulation might be cheaper upfront, but you’ll pay for it every winter when your heating costs skyrocket. 

R-21 batt insulation isn’t just great for insulating heat but also insulates sound. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still hear your neighbors mowing the side lawn, it just won’t sound like they’re mowing your great room carpet.


And that’s not all that a Bielinski wall system does to keep you comfortable. Often, air infiltration can happen where your exterior walls meet the subfloor of your house. This can create a draft and lower your heating and cooling system efficiency.

To prevent this from happening, Bielinski Homes caulk that entire area around your home. It seems like a small thing, but trust us, not many builders would even consider it. But we know at the end of the day, craftsmanship matters to our customers in their daily lives.

If you’re looking for a well-built home with well-built walls, well, we’ll build it. Talk to a Bielinski New Home Consultant today.