Snapshot of another open concept kitchen in the Bielinski Homes Room Visualizer

Bringing Home Design to the Online Age

The world has gone digital and at Bielinski, the design process has too. Our Online Design Studio is the only one like it around and can help you not only design the exact home you want, but stay within your budget while doing it.


Time in the Design Studio with the experts is irreplaceable and the Online Design Studio lets you make the most of it. With access to the Bielinski product catalog anywhere and anytime, you can come into your design meetings confident in your design. This kind of access allows you to prepare questions, familiarize yourself with choices, and make sure your time with us in person is 100% well-spent.


Our online tools also help you stay under budget with transparent pricing on every single product selection. Imagine finding a look that you love only to be blindsided with a price that you didn’t expect. Using the Mortgage Calculator can even show you exactly how a certain selection might affect your monthly home payments in the future. With transparent prices right down to the penny, the Online Design Studio makes sure that your next home fits not only your style, but your budget too.


Actually it’s really more like as many wishes as you want. With the wishlist feature on the Online Design Studio, you can create and save different designs and themes that allow you to compare style and cost. I’ve had customers come in with three or four different wishlists that we then walk through together to create the look they’re searching for. 

Interested in playing around with the Online Design Studio and our other online home design tools

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