Modern home office space with black wall shelves

The Things We Learned About Working From Home

If you could go back in time and give yourself some tips about working from home, what would you tell yourself? Well after well over a year of experience, here are the things that I’ve learned about making remote work work.


A dedicated working space is key to staying productive at home. Whether that’s a home office, a repurposed guest bedroom, or wherever. It helps give you a routine and keeps your work life from invading your home life (or vice versa). By creating a dedicated workspace, you’ll be able to focus on work without distraction when you need to, and get back to home life when you don’t.


It sounds superficial, but after countless video calls I have learned that lighting matters. Making sure you’re well lit not only helps you feel confident, but also will help you to communicate better. I have natural lighting near my workspace, but I also went out and purchased a small lamp to help illuminate the space when I’m on a call.


In the office, I have an office chair. Something that is made to be sat on for extended periods of time. At home, I had a really great-looking chair. But holy moly was it uncomfortable. In that chair’s defense, we bought it thinking it would be used every once in a while to send an email or hop online. But it was not cut out for a whole day’s worth of work. So I replaced it. And I actually replaced the replacement, too. Because making sure you’re comfortable isn’t only good for your work, it’s good for your health. A comfortable chair is a must-have when working remotely.Even with offices opening up and in-person recommencing (yay!), we’ve all learned that remote work is going to be around for a long time.So if you’re looking for a home to accommodate your remote lifestyle, talk to a New Home Consultant today.