Lighting Fixture Advice from a Pro

Overhead lighting isn’t the foundation of your interior design style, but don’t ignore how important it can be in making your look come together. In this blog, I’ll walk you through how Bielinski makes choosing your lighting fixtures as easy (or as complicated) as you want, some simple things to remember when choosing a style, and other trends to watch.  


At Bielinski, we offer lighting packages. That means that you can pick a style, and each and every lighting fixture will match, from your entryway and pendant lighting all the way to your bathrooms. The great thing is it keeps you from having to make individual choices for every single lighting fixture in your home.

But what if you want to make individual choices for every single lighting fixture in your home? Well, that’s fine, too. We don’t mind if you mix and match with our packages, or even provide your own fixtures. By providing packages, our goal isn’t to limit you. Our goal is to make choosing your lighting simple if you want it to be, and flexible if you don’t.


In my humble (and expert) opinion, lighting fixtures should be one of the last choices you make when designing your home. I often tell my customers that lighting is a finishing touch, like jewelry for your home. And there are many more foundational choices you must make before picking out the finishing touches.

So really, your lighting choices will be informed by all of the other style choices you’ve made up until then. And most of the time, the decision comes pretty easily. Especially when you can see all of the options we offer easily and online through our digital design studio and room visualizer tools. 


Lately, we’ve been seeing the rise of black lighting fixtures. Going dark is a trend we noticed earlier this year, and we don’t see its popularity waning anytime soon. One reason black lighting fixtures have become so on-trend is that other black hardware has too. Black cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and faucets have all become in demand, and many customers want their lighting fixtures to match.

Has all this talk about lighting given you the bright idea to get into a new home? Our New Home Consultants would be more than happy to help you take that first step.