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Elevating Your Home’s Exterior

When building a new home, you put a lot of thought into the interior design process. But that same care and consideration should be extended to the exterior as well. Here’s how Bielinski Homes helps make exterior design a little more personal to you.


Providing fresh and unique designs is truly important. We don’t ever take a classic design verbatim or give you the same dated designs you’ve seen time and time again. Instead, we simply take inspiration.

Using the foundation and aesthetic of classic design concepts, we use our imaginations and design expertise to create clean and modern exterior designs fit for today’s families.

Skylar 2431 - Arts & Crafts
Skylar 2431 – Arts & Crafts


Possible exteriors range depending on the floor plan you choose. But each Bielinski Homes floor plan comes with anywhere from one to five of our 11 different design options.

We handpick the exterior designs that work best for each floor plan to provide an array of aesthetics.

And when it comes to color palette — although there are certain styles that lend themselves to specific color schemes — the choice of exterior does not limit what colors, shades, or tones you choose for your new home’s exterior.

When it comes to Bielinski Homes, the only restriction is “no monotony.”


Building a new home isn’t just about finding the right floor plan. It’s about finding a modern exterior design that reflects your personality so you can really make your new home your own.

That’s why we put the decision-making into the hands of the customer. This is the home you’ll be spending your life in. It should look how you want it to. So you get to choose the floor plan, the exterior, and the color palette.

We want you to have the choices you deserve and the freedom to express your individuality.

Skylar 2431 - Modern Tudor
Skylar 2431 – Modern Tudor

Two New Options

By paying attention to trends and customers’ desires, we noticed a gap in the market and wanted to meet those needs. So, Bielinski Homes recently added two new exterior designs: Modern Tudor and New England Farmhouse. These additions provide a revitalized and fresh choice for those seeking a new home.

As trends keep shifting, we will continue to add exterior designs that fit the market’s needs. It’s our goal to give customers the most out of their new home-building experience.

(Skylar 2431 - New England Farmhouse)
Skylar 2431 – New England Farmhouse

Now that you know more about your options, find your perfect floor plan and exterior combination, or contact us to begin building your new home today.