Noteworthy Interior Design Trends for 2024

Ringing in the New Year means ringing in new design trends — or at least elevated ones. From stain tones and aesthetics to shapes and paint swatches, there’s no shortage of trending interior design ideas. Let’s take a look at what’s destined to take off in 2024.


This year, we’re seeing shifts in color palettes. It’s out with the cool grays and in with the deep browns, warm grays, and strong neutrals. Here’s what to know about the New Year’s color scheme.


Warm tones are coming in strong and making their way throughout the entire home. Whether in cabinetry stains or fabric choices, rich and inviting colors like chocolate brown are becoming a home showstopper.

More than white:

We’re seeing people stray away from the days of all-white cabinets. Along with deep tones on cabinetry, expect to see pops of muted colors like sage green or wedgewood blue featured on select cabinets like the kitchen island or in the mudroom. With the walls painted in neutral shades, this is a great way to give your living areas a little extra oomph.

Edgy and dramatic:

This year, we aren’t saving the drama strictly for the powder room. We’re exploring the trend in new ways by taking it into the rest of the home. Like the primary bedroom.

With this edgy trend, the color scheme is dark and brooding. Think charcoal and forest green on the walls. But to keep the space welcoming, it’s juxtaposed with lighter stain tones. You may even see a terracotta as a pop of contrasting color.

Be bold. Add a little dramatic flair to your home with color.


Using these color trends, you can achieve a moody and organic aesthetic. Adding simple, slightly enlarged tile in rectangular, hexagonal, or square shapes to backsplashes, shower walls or flooring creates an organic feeling. Playing with the orientation takes a familiar technique and makes it fresh and modern.

Additionally, leaning into the earthiness of certain colors — like greens and blues — and natural materials to bring that organic feeling throughout the home. Bamboo-textured tiles, neutral fabrics, and nature-focused decor complete the look.

Or even consider using decor to play with shape throughout your home. Organically shaped mirrors or geometric accent pieces are easy, low-commitment solutions.


The 2024 trends are all about taking risks by using these unique color schemes and alternating between light and airy design and dark and moody aesthetic.

Play with color choices. It isn’t all black and white. Remember, navy and forest green are both excellent choices for a rich yet fun color scheme. As long as the colors remain in the same shade family, that’s what keeps the home cohesive.

Don’t forget to add moments of relief in each room. For the brighter rooms, consider dark hardware, darker cabinet stains, or using darker neutrals in accent pillows strewn on furniture.

As for the darker areas, leave the ceilings white to visibly break up the color blocks. A pop of tan, white, or terracotta also serves as a moment of pause that lets the room breathe. Any natural light in these rooms will also create an inviting feeling.

Ready for a home to bring these trends to life? We’ll help you find the right fit for you.