Bielinski Homes highlighting LVP flooring in a living room

Why LVP Flooring is Trending

It’s true that you’ll still find carpet and hardwood floors in new homes. However, when it comes to popularity, there’s a new frontrunner nowadays: luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. So what’s behind LVP becoming the top choice among new homeowners? Let’s explore some of the many reasons why.


We’ve seen more people opting for luxury vinyl instead of carpet in traditional areas like bedrooms. Especially the primary bedroom. This boils down to care and maintenance. There is less daily wear and tear. Plus, without carpeting, homeowners are able to better control indoor allergens.


Over the years, LVP flooring has only improved. We can now replicate and mirror almost any hardwood look while using luxury vinyl. So you get the same look you love, but for lower cost. And, there’s less worry about dings and dents.

LVP is a scratch-resistant and water-resistant option, which means it’s fit for any lifestyle. Juice spills, playful dogs, and other daily activities don’t wear the same with LVP flooring. So you won’t have to monitor yourself in the same way you would with hardwood floors.


Each luxury vinyl selection has a wear layer — or a millimeter thickness — on top of the color piece that prevents damage. The better the wear layer, the longer the product lasts. Which is why Bielinski Homes is dedicated to providing selections that can endure daily use. We want to ensure that your home is taken care of and can withstand your daily lifestyle.


In past trend blogs, we’ve discussed how warmth and simplicity have made their way onto the design scene. This applies to LVP flooring, as well. Light tones, blonde hues, and even warm grays have been taking off in 2023. And we don’t see that ending any time soon.

The crisp and warm nature doesn’t stop at color, however. Pattern has just as much pull. Clean graining — patterns without knots or drastic character — keeps the aesthetic light and clean. It adds that wood-like element without taking the focus away from other highlights of the home.


The best part about luxury vinyl plank is that it is suitable for any Bielinski Homes floor plan. Whether you want an open-concept ranch or a two-story home, you can place LVP throughout the entire space. Choosing this material brings a cohesive look and feel to your new home, and it allows you some more design freedom. So your home comes to life in the ways you want and need.

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