Save on Energy While Saving Energy

Bielinski Homes prides itself on being a certified Green Home Builder. Which means we do whatever it takes to provide new homeowners the most energy-efficient products. Here’s what that means for you and the earth.

Smart Technology

In other blogs, we’ve shared the details of the smart technology that comes standard in Bielinski Homes. A particular standout smart device is the ecobee3 thermostat.(From Ecobee website)With Wi-Fi connectivity, this thermostat tailors itself to your comfort preferences as well as outdoor weather conditions — by detecting elements like indoor humidity levels. By ensuring your HVAC is only working when it needs to be, Bielinski Homes’ smart technology helps you save up to 23% on the HVAC portion of your energy bill. Plus, it eliminates overconsumption and waste, making the earth a bit happier, too.

Eco-Friendly AC

Federal heating and cooling regulations are always evolving, which is why Bielinski Homes works to stay ahead of the curve. As new home builders, we believe it’s our duty to take on a larger role in protecting the environment. So we select products based on their environmental impact.We strive to do not only what’s best for the environment, but what’s best for homeowners, too. So you’ll enjoy the comfort of cooling in the summer months, all while seeing immediate savings on your energy bill.And these AC units help take care of our planet by running on R-410A. This ozone-friendly refrigerant inflicts less damage on the outdoor atmosphere as well as human health — helping keep our air cleaner.

Air Flow

Furnace efficiency has come a long way, as well. The Carrier furnaces installed in each Bielinski home use a variable-speed blower. The fan automatically adjusts to use only the power needed to maintain a consistent temperature in your home.This saves energy because your system turns on and off less often — and spends less time running at the highest energy level. All while allowing up to 28% more air flow.Bielinski Homes thoughtfully handpicked these products to help alleviate excessive energy consumption in all our new homes. Which means extra comfort, without the extra cost.

Dedicated to Greener Building

Bielinski Homes isn’t simply dedicated to building green and sustainable homes, We’re dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable and cost-efficient new home possible.Learn more about our sustainable building processes or start building your new energy-efficient home today.