Primary bedroom in multigenerational suite

The Next Generation of Homes is Multigenerational

Keeping our eye on design trends is one of the most important ways we can continue building homes that fulfill the needs of a modern family. And one thing we’ve noticed is that more customers are asking for multigenerational accommodations.

Space for an aging parent, an adult child back from college, or anyone else that might be living with you. That’s why we’re now offering specially designed multigenerational suites on two Bielinski Homes floor plans, The Sophia and The Skylar. Here’s a little background on our multigenerational suites.


So what exactly is a multigenerational suite? And how is it different from just an extra bedroom? A multigenerational suite is a section of the home that allows aging parents or returning family members to live more independently. In our floor plans, it includes an oversized bedroom with a sitting area, a private bathroom, and a walk-in closet.

But beyond the square footage, a multigenerational suite also adds one important thing to your home: privacy. Whoever might be living in the suite needs their own space. And so do you! That’s why our multigenerational suites are more secluded to provide the independence that everybody in the home needs.


Adding multigenerational suites to our floor plans is not a full redesign. In both multigenerational floor plans we’re offering, only minimal changes were made from the original designs to add the extra functionality.

When adding a multigenerational suite to a floor plan, it’s important to consider who might be living in it. Often, multigenerational suites are for aging parents. And some aging parents have mobility issues. That’s why we ensure our suites are located on the first floor.

Skylar Floor Plan

And there is also an overlooked value to adding a multigenerational suite onto a floor plan. By expanding your first floor, you also expand your basement. For instance, The Sophia plan goes from 1,818 square feet to 2,241 square feet. That extra space not only adds value to the home but will come in handy if you plan to finish your basement.

The Sophia Floor Plan 2431


As I mentioned, customers have been asking for it. And some customers have even been opting for customized designs to include these spaces. So by creating Bielinski Homes floor plans that include multigenerational suites, we’re not only able to give customers what they want but also create a more cost-effective solution compared to a fully customized plan.

If you’re interested in a home with a multigenerational suite, check out the new Sophia and Skylar floor plans. Or contact a New Home Consultant to learn more.