Snapshot of an open concept kitchen in the Bielinski Homes Room Visualizer

Envision Your Dream Kitchen

Decision-making is at the core of kitchen design, and we’re sure you’ve given your new living space a lot of thought. Sometimes, however, our ideas can be a little difficult to picture. Not anymore. Bielinski Homes’ Room Visualizer tool is here to help.

What is the Room Visualizer?

This virtual design tool lets you play around with product selection for the most important room of your home — the kitchen. Making it easier to imagine what different design options look like together.

It’s a fun and unique way to see your potential new kitchen.

Mix and match

Our upgraded visualizer creates a higher-quality experience for you. With a better lit and more realistic room scene and twice as many products to choose from, you can better envision your dream kitchen.

Cabinets, countertops, flooring, and tiled backsplash are all elements you can play around with. See if you prefer a dark or light color palette. Let yourself be intrigued by color. Tinker around with all those innovative ideas flowing through your mind. You can create, name, and save as many looks as you’d like. That way, you can return to your previous ideas or compare them to new concepts.

Snapshot of another open concept kitchen in the Bielinski Homes Room Visualizer

A helping hand

The visualizer’s main purpose is to prepare you for upcoming design studio visits. It enhances the experience by giving you a taste of what product selection is like.

The tool not only exposes you to potential product selections, it also helps our Design Studio Consultant figure out what products best fit your desired look. You can even access the tool between appointments to revisit your ideas.

Overall, it provides great direction for your dream kitchen. And in some cases, you may find exactly what you want.

What’s to come

Our visualizer showcases 100 of the most popular, as well as up-and-coming, product selections. As trends change, our product selection will, too.

We look forward to seeing where inspiration leads you.

Begin dreaming up your new kitchen today, or contact us to start building your new home.