How You Get the Most Value From a Bielinski Home

Bielinski Homes wants you to get the best out of your new home — without future out-of-pocket expenses. That’s why we include upgraded product selections that add value to your home and save you money from the start.

The New Standard

Every new home builder has a new construction base price that tells you the cost and exactly what products are included. However, these can often be mid-range selections that call for upgrades — whether immediately or further down the line.Bielinski Homes works to include more upgrades in the base price. So you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and can focus on choosing the upgrades you truly want.How do we do this? By creating our own standard with added value products.

Added Value Product Selection

Whether it’s the exterior or the interior, Bielinski Homes has considered every facet of your home. And — with the help of feedback from customers like you — we’re consistently revisiting and revising our feature sheets to see where else we can add value.Which means you get better products included in your new construction build.While these selections increase base price, you’re actually paying less for those products than if you were to make individual upgrades.How is this possible? Buying power. We are committed to including better products in each and every home we build. Through buying in bulk, we can offer these products at a lower price. If the item is an upgrade, we can’t guarantee that it will be included in more than a few homes. Which ultimately leads to the product costing more.A few of our noteworthy selections include: