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Make Your Home Fur Friendly

Today we’re celebrating all things small and furry! If you think having pets means making sacrifices in design and cleanliness, think again. Here are some tips to make your home perfect for you and your hairy cohorts.

Hardwood flooring is elegant and easily cleaned, but remember, larger animals’ nails can leave scratch-marks. Surface rugs are a fun and easy way to protect your hardwood while maintaining that elegance. Durable fibers like seagrass are neutral, inexpensive, and perfect for areas with heavy paw-traffic.
If carpeting is what you’re after, match it’s coloring to your pet’s coat. Dark fur won’t stand out as much against a dark carpet. And remember, high-pile carpeting might be luxuriously soft, but when it comes time to vacuum, that pet hair’s not coming out. Low-pile is the way to go in animal-friendly homes.

This one is for all you cat lovers out there. A cat tree is a great way to keep your felines off of furniture, but can be pretty unsightly. Luckily, one quick Google search will let you know the amount of cat tree designs nowadays is almost infinite. Find something that matches your design and your cat tree will never be an eyesore again.

And now, one for the dog people. Your pup probably loves gnawing on a rawhide bone, but maybe it’s time to switch to rubber. Rawhide gets really gross really quickly, and can leave greasy stains on your floors. A rubber toy will keep your dogs from chewing on the table legs just as well as a bone, without the mess.

Reupholstering children’s furniture is a cute way to spoil your pet. A tiny chair or sofa is perfect for a small animal. Choose a playful pattern that reflects how you feel about Fido, or go with something that matches your human furniture. Children’s furniture is inexpensive, so don’t worry if it gets dirty (which it will).

How can one animal produce so much hair? It’s one of life’s great mysteries. And though we might not have an answer, we do know how to deal with it. Most major vacuum manufacturers today have pet hair-specific vacuum cleaners, and they are life, and carpet, savers. Invest in one of these machines and you’ll notice a difference immediately.

We know how much you love your pets, but shouldn’t everybody who comes into your home? Commission a portrait to hang above the dog bed, or take some nice photos yourself and get them framed.

The tech boom isn’t all about smart phones and smart cars, we’ve also got way smarter fabrics, now. Next time you’re shopping, ask a salesperson about stain-resistant fabrics for couches, armchairs, duvets, etc. Wherever your furball will be hanging out deserves a bit of extra protection.

It’s easier to get dirt off of your pet than your couch. A well-groomed pet is the key to keeping your home pet-friendly and clean. Clip their nails, brush their coats, and give them a bath regularly. It’s good for them, and for your home.

If you’re interested in making your next home perfect for your entire family (even the family members on four legs) talk to a Bielinski Homes expert. Our experts know all there is to know about what will work with your home and your pets, and most of them have pets of their own!
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