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Three Thoughts on Fireplaces

With the mercury falling fast and the holidays upon us, there’s no better place to warm up than by the fireplace. So we felt it was the perfect time to talk about them! Sit back, and enjoy these thoughts on choosing the right fireplace, incorporating the latest trends, and styling it to perfection.

How to Make the Most of Your Storage

Storage is about having the space and using it effectively. And if your home wasn’t built with storage in mind, then storage frustrations might be in your future. Here’s how we think about storage while designing our homes. 

How to Start Winter in Style

Seasonal change calls for an update to your interior design style. But there’s no reason it has to be a big deal. Here are three easy ways to embrace the weather and style for winter.

3 Home Design Choices for Entertaining

When you’re entertaining, you already have enough on your plate without your home working against you. Bielinski homes are designed to make your life easier every day, including days when you’re playing host. Here are three ways how.

What You Need to Know About Roof Pitch

There are a few things that you don't think about much until you start building your home. Roof pitch is one of those things. But what really is the difference between this slope or that slope on a roof? Here's the breakdown.

What Siding is Right for You?

We offer two options when it comes to siding. Simple choice right? Well, it is if you’re well informed. Here are the differences between vinyl and cement board siding, and how you can determine which option is best for your lifestyle, your budget, and your home. 

Lighting Fixture Advice from a Pro

Overhead lighting isn’t the foundation of your interior design style, but don’t ignore how important it can be in making your look come together. In this blog, I’ll walk you through how Bielinski makes choosing your lighting fixtures as easy (or as complicated) as you want, some simple things to remember when choosing a style, and other trends to watch. 

A Few Thoughts on Basements

The lower level might not be the first thing on your mind when you start planning your future home, but a finished basement shouldn't just be an afterthought. Here are two things to consider about basements when building a home.

3 Reasons the Modern Barn Door is so Popular

The modern sliding barn door has become a popular addition to the interior of new homes everywhere. Just look at our entry into the 2021 Parade of Homes. But what about this look made it take off? Here are three reasons why the modern barn door became popular.